• 08/05/2015 10:14 AM | Anthony Lewis

    My team and I are happy to be back after our short summer break in July!

    This month, we’re going to take a look different aspects of Leadership and Leadership Development. Many of us have probably already designed and/or facilitated leadership development programs. In case you’re interested in further developing these skills, ATD National offers a great certificate program on August 17/18 in Los Angeles on Creating Leadership Development Programs.

    But what about your own leadership skills? As Talent Development professionals, we’re expected to assume leadership positions in organizations, and to provide leadership to our clients.

    We have two great learning events coming up this month that give you tools to strengthen your own leadership skills: Decision making and personal resilience. On August 20, TEDx presenter Dave Jensen will talk about research, as well as personal experience to help you apply a simple process to improve the quality of your decisions. Here’s a link to his engaging TEDx presentation on the Leader’s Paradox.

    On August 29, our workshop on Personal Resilience will teach Participants the importance of resiliency and we will practice new techniques and behaviors that will enhance our ability to quickly recover from stressors and challenges and maintain positive functioning.

    Last, but definitely not least: ATD-LA is looking for new Board members. The Call for Nominations is open until August 31. Please get in touch with us if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved.

    I’m looking forward to connecting with you at one of our upcoming events.

    Katrin Kaehler, ATD-LA President 

  • 08/02/2015 10:52 AM | Anthony Lewis

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  • 07/28/2015 7:04 AM | Anthony Lewis

    Hello Members and Consultants,

    We have heard from a few members that are interested in attending a contemporary train-the-trainer course specifically: (a.) designing learning and (b) delivering training skills. 

    The ATD-LA Board Learning Event team is in the discovery phase and flexible to discuss and review potential dates (held in 2016), format, learning objectives and agenda. 

    If you offer this type of program, get great results, and would like to volunteer to assist the chapter, please contact us. Or, let us know if you know of a consultant that provide this type of service.

    Please fill in this form:


    Anthony Lewis, President Elect 2015

    Association for Talent Development - Los Angeles Chapter

  • 06/08/2015 2:22 PM | Denise Ross (Administrator)

    A few more days, and we're officially in Summer! 

    We have two exciting events planned for this month: On June 18, we'll host our Half-Year Mixer. As we're already half way through 2015, we'd love to hear what you've done best so far and what challenges you encountered. Come join us at the June Mixer for an exchange of ideas and to make fresh connections.

    On June 19, ATD-LA proudly presents LA Learn Tech, a one-day mini conference on Learning Technologies. We have five engaging keynote speakers lined up to present on topics such as the psychology of learning, training program management, LMS administration, and the latest trends in e-learning.

    Meeting venues

    ATD-LA is looking for low/no cost venues for chapter meetings, mixers and, above all, our 2015 Holiday Party. If you know of any venues that might be a good fit, please let us know! We appreciate your help.

    My team and I are looking forward to connecting with you at one of our upcoming events. 

    Katrin Kaehler

  • 06/06/2015 1:40 PM | Katrin Kaehler

    ATD-LA's Board of Directors has reviewed the Chapter Bylaws and proposes several changes. These changes reflect the new chapter name (ATD Los Angeles), as well as updates in the titles and number of Board positions and the protocol on how to conduct Board meetings.

    Please take a minute to read the document. The voting is going to take place during our upcoming Board meeting on 06/13/2015, which is open for all members to attend.

  • 05/07/2015 7:28 AM | Denise Ross (Administrator)

    Spring is finally here! For me, spring is a wonderful time to declutter and make room for new things.

    I love filling my mind with new ideas and inspirations - and May is a great time to do exactly that. ATD hosts its International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) on May 17-20. Renowned experts are going to talk about current trends in talent development. ATD-LA will keep you updated on the conference and help you find other professionals in your area who are going to attend.

    We are very interested in hearing your thoughts on current trends and developments in our profession. Throughout the month, we are going to have discussions with you, online and offline, to hear your opinion on this topic. What do you think is essential for us to know that probably wasn’t as important a few years ago? 

    For me, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Learning Technology. That's why I am excited about our June event highlight: ATD-LA's first L.A. Learn Tech Conference. We have five excellent speakers lined up to discuss different aspects of learning technology. If you ask yourself questions like ‘How do I get my LMS up to speed quickly?’, or ‘Should I incorporate mobile learning into our offering?’ this might be a great event for you. 

    Let's get inspired by fresh ideas and current trends. I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts.

    Happy May!

    Katrin Kaehler

  • 05/06/2015 2:56 PM | Denise Ross (Administrator)
    We’re Looking for Venues...

    Currently we’re seeking a medium size venue for our annual holiday party held in early December 2015. We would like to announce the location as soon as possible so our members can plan to attend. Can you help?

    Our membership reaches an expansive geographical territory and our members reside across the Los Angeles county lines.

    To better support face-to-face events, like Board and chapter meetings, as a non-profit organization, we are looking for very low to no-cost venues. Venues can be of different sizes and locations.

    Become a host! If we use your event, we can offer you and your team a special host rate at the event. This is an opportunity to spotlight your company with in-kind advertising too.

    Contact Us

    Interested in providing a venue, facility or meeting space, please fill in this form:
    In Kind Venue

  • 04/01/2015 3:49 PM | Denise Ross (Administrator)

    ATD-LA 100% Achievement of Chapter CARE!

    The ATD-LA Board is happy to announce that our Los Angeles Chapter has successfully fulfilled all 18 CARE elements and has received recognition from ATD National for 100% CARE achievement. CARE is a program of ATD National, standing for "Chapter Affiliation Requirements" and is a system for ensuring the quality of Chapters nation-wide. 

    What does this mean for members? ATD-LA is doing the best to serve you, our members. 100% CARE achievement certifies that our administration, finances, membership, professional development, and communications are aligned with ATD National best practices and standards of excellence. 

    We are proud of this recognition, and even prouder to be part of our vibrant and distinguished learning community. If you have suggestions on how we can make ATD-LA even better, please, contact us

    Katrin Kaehler

  • 04/01/2015 3:29 PM | Denise Ross (Administrator)

    Hello Employers and Job Seekers,

    Did you know that ATD-Los Angeles offers a “free” job listing bulletin board? Yes, it’s available to you twenty-four hours a day at no cost. Our bulletin board is designed specifically for talent development related positions, like: training managers, organizational development consultants, instructors, learning specialists, instructional designers and others.


    Looking for an instructional designer, instructor, organizational development specialist, training manager or leadership development professional? When you use the ATD-Los Angeles job bulletin board your postings can reach hundreds of talent management and human resources professionals from around the Los Angeles and the nearby communities. It’s simple and free to use! Click here to post a job.


    Tired of your current job or need a new job? Do you want to transition your career as talent management professional? Use our Members Only job bulletin board to stay in touch with local opportunities. It’s easy for you to stay in touch because we have active social media too! Search the job board, just log in with you membership account and then click here for listings.

    Better yet, if you’re currently not an ATD-Los Angeles member, but want to be, join our chapter today and take advantage of our many local benefits. Various membership levels are available to those that currently have a job and we offer a temporary reduced rate for those in transition without a job. Join today ~ click here.

    Katrin Kaehler

  • 03/25/2015 4:00 PM | Denise Ross (Administrator)

    7 Benefits of Joining ATD-LA's CPLP Virtual Study Group

    Benefit #1: Structure your study with a schedule of topics. It's tough to keep up your motivation to keep your independent study on track. ATD-LA's study group provides a structure to ensure you're covering all topics and progressing on your goal of receiving certification. 

    Benefit #2: Tap into the knowledge of your peers. We can't all be experts in all topics! With ATD-LA's study group you'll have access to peers with expertise to gain knowledge, discuss ideas, and ask questions.

    Benefit #3: Certification enhances your credibility. Prove your worth in the industry and with employers. CPLP certification endorses you as an informed and capable talent development professional. 

    Benefit #4: The virtual study group gives you a learning community with flexibility. ATD-LA's study group is a virtual community, allowing you to skip the hassle of traffic, parking, and taking needless time out of your Saturday. Need to miss a session? No problem, get in touch with the instructor or participants to catch up. 

    Benefit #5:  Only need support in a couple competency areas? ATD-LA's study group is offering an a la carte option - pick and choose your study sessions at the affordable rate of $15/class. 

    Benefit #6: Comprehensive coverage of the competency areas you need. ATD-LA's study group will cover the CPLP exam topic areas, including performance improvement, instructional design, training delivery, learning technologies, evaluating and monitoring learning, coaching, change management, and more!

    Benefit #7: Expertise. ATD-LA's study group sessions are led by experts in each area, guiding your through the knowledge needed in each competency. These experts will share knowledge, engage you in discussion, and answer all the questions you have to prepare you for the certification exam. 

    Click here for more information on this study group that begins on April 18 and to register!

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