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About Us

Association for Talent Development (ATD-LA), is a nonprofit professional association that was founded in 1946 and now has over 300 members, about 40% of whom are also members of ATD. ATD-LA is a leader in helping individuals and organizations in the field of Human Resource Development to maximize workplace learning and performance.


  • Providing local presence with the best practices in talent development.


  • ATD-LA enables trainers, consultants and organizations to continually improve their learning and performance improvement interventions by offering diverse programs, partnering, networking and volunteer opportunities for its members.
  • As a professional service organization, ATD-LA is dedicated to disseminating leading-edge HRD knowledge. We develop and provide for skills, ideas, methods, and networking forums to address the needs of our membership and design and implement methods to assure that organizations achieve their strategic objectives in an ever changing environment.
  • As a non-profit service organization, we are committed to being quality-oriented and fiscally responsible while actively marketing our services. ATD-LA membership encompasses practitioners with a broad range of skill levels and functional orientations and others committed to and impacted by the practice of talent development.
  • The focus of our activities includes vision and leadership, the opportunity to develop and hone those skills through in-depth, uniquely tailored programs, events, materials and volunteerism and the opportunity for professional interaction through internal and external partnering and networking.


Member Satisfaction
ATD-LA serves as an open forum for developing professional relationships and exchanging ideas and information. Our diverse membership - from the novice to the experienced - participates in Chapter offerings that are cutting edge, exceptional quality, varied in format, the best value, and fun.
  • Assessment and recognition of the diverse needs of all members
  • Partnering for mutual benefits
  • Evaluation of our ability to serve needs

Local Chapter Presence

Empowering individuals and organizations to anticipate and successfully manage change. Providing a forum for the exchange and discussion of professional issues and information. Attracting nationally recognized and respected professionals in talent development and related areas for active involvement

ATD-LA leadership is made up of high performing, qualified individuals who share a vision of possibilities and action as well as accountability to agreed upon standards. Our leadership is committed to providing quality services and products ensured by evaluation processes. It demonstrates outstanding teamwork in achieving goals, supporting member participation, and recognizing member contributions.
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • History and documentation
  • Development and adherence to guidelines
  • Accepting responsibility for identifying and completing tasks

Optimal Utilization of Resources
ATD-LA fully and effectively utilizes internal and external resources through full participation, quality standards, continuity, and budget control. We maintain consistent fiscal growth through sound business practices including goal setting, performance planning ensuring alignment, shared and individual accountability, and continuous monitoring.

  • Teamwork and Synergy
  • Collaboration of general membership, special divisions, committees, and board members
  • Sharing knowledge, experience, and backgrounds
Visionary Practices that Intentionally Shape the Future

The emergent ATD-LA culture embraces a commitment to valuing differences, the ability to disagree, shared resources, camaraderie and enjoyment, full use of technology, and results orientation.

  • Proactive policies
  • Open to new approaches and ideas
  • Risk taking
  • Creative leadership
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