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Advanced Presentation Skills

What are Presentation Skills?

Advanced presentation skills include controlling gestures, relaxing your nerves and delivering a confident performance that has a desired impact on your audience. For some the thought of standing at a podium, holding a microphone, will them give stage fright.

Presenting is a form of communication and it is usually a part of every day business. Whether you get up in front of formal audiences on a regular basis, pitch sales or you simply want to express your thoughts at a meeting, you're using presentation skills.

Why do I need it?

Presentation skills are important for anyone (not just trainers) who must give presentations, speeches, or lectures.  It will help you overcome your public speaking fears and give you the confidence to deliver polished presentations anywhere, anytime. Leave with your own video-recorded presentation and loads of invaluable feedback.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone interested in going to the next level as a trainer and presenter
  • Trainers of all levels and specialties
  • Those interested in getting valuable coaching and feedback

Why Certification?

The certification includes a mixture of elements. After an intense training, you and your fellow participants will:

  • Build comfort using the training materials (e.g., PowerPoint, handouts, notes)
  • Generate key ideas to shape the content of your presentation
  • Develop a presentation that is tailored to your audience
  • Reinforce your presentation with supporting material
  • Organize the flow of your presentation
  • Practice delivering an impressive presentation


Typically instructor certifications include a kit and other supplies. To help you budget or save for the occasion rates may range from: $450 to $500. (Exact rate may vary and subject to change.) 


Check the ATD-LA Chapter Calendar to determine if a class is offered now. Periodically the chapter will offer a one or two day face-to-face certification class locally led by qualified master instructors. The minimum amount is 6 and maximum of 8 participants.

If you are interested in joining a future-offering fill in the form and when it reaches the minimum amount we will prepare to offer another class locally. This will save you travel dollars and you will get a chance to meet your local peers. 

FORM: Certification Interest Form

Train the trainer events

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