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Certificates and Train the Trainer 

For decades talent development professionals, executive coaches, instructional designers and human resources professionals have earned the necessary certifications that will assist them in building awareness, influencing others and ultimately getting the right business results. For example, listed below are a few certification courses that can build your resume:  

  • Coaching Skills
  • DDI Exceptional Leadership
  • DeBono’s Six Hats
  • DISC 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Instructional Design
  • Myers–Briggs Type Indicator MBTI
  • Project Management
  • Trainer Delivery Skills
  • Situational Leadership

Some professionals have a need and find it difficult to host an in-house internal certification program or unable to spend the time and money on travel to a location where the course is offered.

Periodically the chapter will host certification courses so that you don’t need to. This allows other members to fill up the class and meet the minimum threshold for the vendors to proceed with it, ensures group activities have enough participants and gives you an opportunity to network among your peers.

ATD-LA contracts with various professional vendors. These vendors are not employees of the chapter, rather, are experts within their field.


Check the ATD-LA Chapter Calendar to determine if a class is offered now. Periodically the chapter will offer a two-day face-to-face certification class locally led by qualified master instructors. Rates may vary by course.


If you are interested in joining a future-offering fill in the form and when it reaches the minimum amount we will prepare to offer another class locally. This will save you travel dollars and you will get a chance to meet your local peers. 

FORM: Certification Interest Form

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