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Train the Trainer Program

Program Overview
Design and delivery skills are the core foundation to all talent development practitioners. Stepping into a classroom takes practice, strategy and preparedness - and not shooting from the hip! Great facilitators control their nervous energy, use appropriate gestures and engage learners with meaningful activities.

Stop faking it until you make it, and get the training you need to be a polished instructor or facilitator. Adult learning is a form of communication and it is usually a part of every day business. Whether you get up in front of formal audiences on a regular basis, pitch sales or you simply want to express your thoughts at a meeting, you're using presentation skills. These courses will put you on the road to success.

The train the trainer program is offered in a bundle and separately. Training design and training delivery. 

Who Should Attend? 
  • Anyone interested in going to the being a stronger facilitator

  • Instructors or human resources roles of all levels and specialties
  • Those interested in getting valuable coaching and feedback about design and delivery skills
Training Design

Taught by experts in the training field, and members of the chapter, this course offers participants the initial needs of training needs analysis through the development of instructional training materials, and the presentation of training solution. Afterward, conducting the final evaluations.

Training Delivery

This course is interactive and designed to help you deliver impacting presentations for business meetings, conferences and special events, or classroom assignments. Since the learning environment is highly interactive, participants will receive individual feedback for enhanced performance.

Interested in Attending?

The chapter will offer a one or two day face-to-face certification class locally led by qualified master instructors. Review the ATD-LA Chapter Calendar

If you are interested in joining a future-offering fill in the form and when it reaches the minimum amount we will prepare to offer another class locally. This will save you travel dollars and you will get a chance to meet your local peers. FORM: Certification Interest Form

Letter Template: Ask Your Boss for Permission / Budget

Want to attend, but need to ask your boss for permission/budget? Customize this template.

Train the Trainer Events

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