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Memory Lane

1946 Established chapter and bylaws 

1990 (circa) Train the trainer certification program launched by Mark Strunin 

1996 ATD Los Padre Chapter folded into ATD LA with JoLynn 

1998 First Special Division was established Mike Thompson and Steve Seagel

1999 Train the trainer certification program led by Debbie Newman

2000 Transitioned to upgraded membership database Wild Apricot 

2009 Mentoring program launched by Harriet Cohen, Mike Baroff, Anthony Lewis and Jane Holcomb 

2013 Advanced Presentation Skills launched by Tom Henschel 

2015 Transition old ASTD-LA to new ATD-LA logo and branding 

2015 CPLP virtual study group launched by Katrin Kaehler’s team

2015 Well attended Technology Conference led by Katrina Baker 

2016 ATD National recognized chapter with Joint Membership Award

2016 70th Anniversary celebrated at Talent Development Conference, led by Anthony Lewis' team

2016 Chapter of the Month Award

2017 Return of the Train the Trainer Certification Series, coordinated by Laurie Firestone Siedelman. Master facilitated by Camilla Heinzmann and Ann Kwinn. 

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