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Volunteer with ATD-LA

Volunteers make up the heart of ATD-Los Angeles Chapter. Our Board of Directors and management team volunteer their time and expertise to plan chapter events and projects.

Your commitment can be big or small. Gain valuable experience in non-profit leadership, management, and event planning. 

Open Positions

Communities of Practice Positions 

Grow as a Volunteer 

Below is an example of our succession planning to prepare for self-nomination during open call-for-nominees in accordance with the chapter bylaws. Otherwise, they can stay in their exist position.

Potential Succession Planning 

Volunteering Agreement

By typing my name in the form below, If selected, I, as an ATD-Los Angeles volunteer recognize that in the course of volunteering for ATD-LA, I may or will become aware of information that is the confidential property of ATD-LA. For the purposes of this agreement, any information, material, or data that ATD-LA considers and treats as confidential, sensitive, or proprietary shall be defined as confidential, whether or not it is explicitly marked as such.

Information that is confidential, sensitive or proprietary may result from various activities and/or sources (i.e., membership personal information, attendance, financial, legal agreements, etc.). Forward all external media (reporters, television, radio and news) inquiries to the Board of Directors. This may include but is not limited to the examples listed in the ATD-LA Confidentiality Policy.

I understand that, from the date of this agreement forward, I will abide by the ATD-LA Confidentiality Policy and respect the confidential property of ATD-LA and, within reasonable limits, personally protect that property from communication or other distribution to others and will not use such information for my own personal gain, or the advantage of any other organization or entity unless such material

(a) is in the public domain through no fault of mine,
(b) is properly known by me, without restriction, prior to disclosure by ATD-LA,
(c) is properly disclosed to me by another person without restriction, or
(d) for which I receive written approval of an officer of ATD-LA prior to disclosure.

Volunteer Interest Form

Want to Learn More?

Are you interested in a specific volunteer opportunity and want to learn more about the position or what ATD-LA does?

Click the link at right to attend our next board meeting (must be an ATD-LA member). 

Upcoming events

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