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Election Process

The management of the affairs of the Chapter shall be vested in the Board of Directors. It shall be the duty of the Board to carry out the objectives and purposes of the Chapter, and to this end it may exercise all powers of the Chapter. The duties of the Board shall include: establishing policy for the operation of the Chapter; approving the strategic plan, the annual plan, and the budget; approving categories of membership; authorizing committees of the Chapter; and performing other functions as appropriate for the Board of Directors.


Annual Election Cycle

  • All months: Volunteer or Board interest sent to Board 
  • August: Call for nominations
  • September: Membership voting
  • November: New Board notification
  • December: Outgoing Board hand-off
  • January: New Board begins term

Although a position is currently filled, please let us know of your interest to be a team member. All of our board members can use assistance in their role, and it is a great way to find out more before committing to a full-term.

Persons seeking to serve on the Board of Directors must be Chapter members in good standing as specified in the bylaws. Board members are also required to maintain membership in ATD National. 


Voting Ballot

Each active member on file will receive one electronic ballot to cast their vote for each position listed. Ballots are not transferrable. In order to be counted, all ballots must be completed and submitted before or by the deadline listed. Online ballots only. 

Voting for the 2018 Board of Directors will open on September 11, 2017.

Call for Nominations: NOW being accepted thru August 31, 2017 

If interested in nominating yourself or another chapter member, complete the Call for Nomination form. All nominations must be received before or by the annual deadline posted. Information will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, and displayed on the ballot. Board Nomination Packet

Please review the leadership pages of the chapter website to learn more about current Board Members. Complete the Board Member Nomination form:  Board Nomination Form.

Renewed Annually

According to our non-profit status bylaws, Board positions are elected officials that volunteer their time pro bono as advocates for our members. Board positions have voting powers when a quorum is called. President-Elect is a 3-year term.

President Elect.doc is a nominated position, and becomes the President the following year.

President.doc  is the previous year's President Elect

                                    Past President.doc  is the previous year's President

Renewed Odd Numbered Years 

These positions commit to a two-year term shall come up for election in odd-numbered years: Secretary, Director of Chapter Meetings, Director of Membership, and Director of Marketing. 

Secretary.docx            Director of Chapter Meetings.docx

Director Membership.doc       Director Marketing and Communications 

Renewed Even Numbered Years

These positions commit to a two-year term and shall come up for election in even-numbered years: Treasurer, Director of Learning, Director of Special Interest Groups and Director of Technology.

VP Finance Treasurer.doc                           Director of Workshops.docx

Director of Special Divisions.docx                 Director Technology.doc 

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