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    • 04/05/2019
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Antioch University Los Angeles, 400 Corporate Pointe, Room A1006, Culver City, CA 90230

    Invest in your career today.
    Sententia and ATD-LA are excited to offer you
    Level 1 Gamification Certification
    Talent Development Professionals.

    Want to get a sneak peek of the workshop?
    Watch and listen to the free webinar here.


    This  is the ONLY Gamification Certification that earns you recertification credits with HRCI, SHRM, and ATD. This trademarked, proven program takes you through the 5-step process of gamifiying your organizational quest. By following the 5-step plan, you are essentially assured a successful outcome. Game mechanics such as points, levels, challenges, rewards, chance, collaboration, scarcity, time limits, and leaderboards are directly linked to the human desires of achievement, status, self-expression, competition, and altruism. These mechanics (and more) provide an ideal adult learning environment as learners practice their skills, get immediate feedback on their progress, earn recognition, and build confidence in their ability to overcome a challenge.

    Content Overview

    In this 6-hour certification program you will use L&D case studies as you overlay the 5-step Game the System™ model for gamification learning design, gather data, and participate in problem-solving and assessment exercises.

    Module 1: Define Learning Objectives... The Fundamentals of Fun! - Define your measurable business objectives and determine how gamification will help you to achieve your objectives

    Module 2: It's Story Time - Create an Epic Adventure - Frame and wrap your quest in a spellbinding story to create a narrative thread that pulls through the entire game

    Module 3: Design Variety into Your Activities - Create the right mix of ingredients in your learning activities to allow the participants to acquire knowledge and skill, rather than merely receive and memorize information

    Module 4: Add the Game Design and Mechanics - Identify the game elements you will use (points, badges, leaderboards, etc.) and implement game mechanics to motivate your players

    Module 5: Tally up the Aesthetics So They Wanna Play! - Create an overall design that appeals to different senses and tie everything back to the other four levels, especially the business objectives

    Module 6: Gamification Audit of Organization Quest - The gamification audit will clearly define recommendations on the creative design, development, communications strategy, and roll-out plan for the gamification project presented in class. The aim is to achieve the objectives identified in Module 1 by applying the gamification design overlay and answer the question: Is it fun?   


    The goal is to increase learning and engagement through key concepts found in game design and behavioral psychology. By adding game mechanics to training, gamification not only increases interest, it makes training "fun." A well-designed and well-implemented gamification program promotes engagement, meaning, mastery, and autonomy. Upon completion of the Level 1 Certification the Gamification Apprentice will demonstrate an introductory understanding of all components used to apply the Game the System™ gamification design overlay to an L&D program.

    Recertification Credits

    One Credit, PDC, or Point is awarded for each physical hour of continuing education that meet Recertification Guidelines.

    HRCI - This activity, 245951, has been approved for 6 (HR (General)) recertification credit hours toward California, GPHR, HRBP, HRMP, PHR and SPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. Documentation Requirement - Please be sure to note the activity ID number on your recertification application form. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute website at

    SHRM – This activity qualifies for 6 PDCs to maintain your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP designation. Documentation Requirement - Document your professional development activities and retain these records for up to 6 months after the end of your 3-year recertification period. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the SHRM website at

    ATD – This activity qualifies for 6 CPLP® recertification points to maintain your CPLP designation. Documentation Requirement - Commercial or Industry-related courses/sessions - Letter or certificate of completion from the course sponsor verifying hours, dates and subject matter. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the ATD website at

    Meet Your Trainer

    Featured on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, Monica Cornetti works with individuals and organizations who want to learn how to think differently to achieve uncommon results. A gamification speaker and designer, Monica was rated #1 among the Gamification Gurus Power 100 by RISE in 2015, 2016, and 2017; and was also recognized as a Top 3 Finalist in the Gamification Guru of the Year Award by the World Gamification Congress held in Barcelona, Spain.

    Monica is the Founder and CEO of the Sententia Gamification Consortium and the author of the book Totally Awesome Training Activity Guide: Put Gamification to Work for You. Monica is hired for her skill as a gamification speaker and is considered at the top of her field in gamification design for corporate learning.

    She is a graduate of Seton Hill with a BA in psychology, and The University of Houston-Victoria where she earned a Masters Degree in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship, voted by Forbes Small Business as one of the top 5 programs for entrepreneurial education in the country.

    Walk-ins are not allowed because of the amount of materials.  Space is limited to 40 participants.

    Pre-registration and pre-payment is required. Cancellation/Refund deadline 10 days prior. No shows will be charged in full.
    Want to get a sneak peek of the workshop? Sign up for the webinar: CLICK HERE

    • 04/11/2019
    • 05/02/2019
    • Virtual

    Reimagine the way you create interactive e-learning.

    Learn how to create visually rich, artistic, and highly interactive customized e-learning using Adobe Captivate.

    Discover all you need to know to create visually rich, artistic, and highly interactive e-learning programs. Earning the Adobe Captivate Certificate enables you to create effective e-learning content including text captions, images, screen characters, quizzes, buttons, and hotspots. Adobe Captivate training doesn’t require program experience to attend. You’ll discover quickly its power and accessibility as you apply production best practices and techniques that significantly reduce your content development time.


    • Receive expert guidance on building software simulations, demonstrations, and soft-skills e-learning projects to make your e-learning modules as interactive and engaging as possible.
    • Learn to interact effectively with other software programs, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, to optimize your design.
    • Receive a step-by-step workbook, created exclusively for ATD and available only to course attendees.

    What You Will Learn

    • Record demonstrations, assessments, and interactive simulations.
    • Add images, animation, text, and Flash video.
    • Publish completed lessons for multiple audiences.
    • Create custom object styles.
    • Work with themes, widgets, and interactions.
    • Create and use a project template.
    • Create an accessible project.
    • Integrate with a learning management system

    Who Should Attend

    Although this workshop is most appropriate for beginners, participants should have a foundational understanding of e-learning design and development practices. No prior experience with Adobe Captivate is necessary. However, you must download a copy of Adobe Captivate on your computer. The trial offer is acceptable.

    ATD Education programs are designed primarily for learning professionals—trainers, instructional designers, and organizational development practitioners—but also greatly benefit anyone within an organization who is responsible for developing others, from managers to human resources specialists.

    Level: Foundational

    Roles: E-Learning Professional, Instructional Designer

    Language: English

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    • 05/30/2019
    • 05/31/2019
    • Virtual

    Design meaningful, memorable, and motivational e-learning programs.

    Learn to design individualized, asynchronous e-learning courses using the ATD E-Learning Design Model for effective e-learning. Explore fundamental instructional design tenets from the perspective of creating e-learning. Practice applying these discoveries in designs and learn to incorporate what works into your own projects.

    Course Info

    This program provides an opportunity to explore and implement the ATD E-Learning Design Model. You will see examples and have the opportunity to practice the skills needed to develop asynchronous e-learning experiences that motivate learners to examine and adjust their behavior.

    The course includes opportunities to practice designing effective e-learning, investigating and applying instructional methodologies that support learning, and incorporating best practices into your own projects.

    Why should I attend?

    • Gain practical experience applying the ATD E-Learning Design Model.
    • Apply instructional design principles to e-learning design in a purposeful way.
    • Explore ways to present, structure, and sequence content that is learner-centric.
    • Learn a variety of techniques for enhancing learning motivation and commitment.

    What You Will Learn

    • Develop an evidence-based instructional design strategy that encourages changes in behavior and performance.
    • Design e-learning experiences using the ATD E-Learning Design Model.
    • Create design planning and design tools that effectively describe the course structure to stakeholders and the course design to developers.
    • Create an e-learning interface design influenced by learner experience design principles.
    • Engage in accuracy and technical quality review.
    • Accommodate imposed limitations and restrictions.

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    Use ChIP code “CH8028” when you register for this course.

    • 06/17/2019
    • 07/16/2019
    • Virtual

    Improve the quality of your learning programs through clear, engaging writing.

    Master the art of writing clear, engaging, and credible content for your instructional design, e-learning, and training projects.

    Course Info

    Like most instructional designers and developers, you probably spend about 80 percent of your working hours writing; so it’s important that your writing is persuasive to gain buy-in from stakeholders, crystal clear to ensure understanding, and engaging to aid learning transfer. This writing style is an art,and having these skills can give you a competitive advantage as your career grows.

    Discover how to use rhetorical writing techniques to articulate desired training outcomes when you earn this instructional design writing certificate. Learn through hands-on practice how to write to clarify, simplify, illuminate, and explain. Find out how to use tone, point of view, and personality to keep your audience actively engaged.


    • Develop effective writing techniques so you produce content faster and improve your learning programs.
    • Learn to tailor your writing to the appropriate modality, format, and audience.
    • Master editing to clarify your message and reduce cognitive load.

    What You Will Learn

    • Apply persuasive writing techniques when creating needs assessment reports and design documents that effectively articulate your training solution.
    • Prepare well-written workbooks, manuals, job aids, slide decks, and e-learning courses that reduce cognitive load, positively influence learning transference, and serve as on-the-job resources.
    • Edit your writing to be clearer and more concise.
    • Effectively organize your reports, materials, and curriculums.
    • Write precise instructions for individual and group activities so they engage your participants.
    • Create training materials with easy-to-understand visuals that effectively support the written message and lead to greater learning retention.

    Who Should Attend

    This program is ideal for professionals who are responsible for developing learning programs and want to improve their writing and content organization skills.

    ATD Education programs are designed primarily for learning professionals—trainers, instructional designers, and organizational development practitioners—but also greatly benefit anyone within an organization who is responsible for developing others, from managers to human resources specialists.

    Level: Intermediate

    Roles: Instructional Designer, Trainer

    Language: English

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    Use ChIP code “CH8028” when you register for this course.

    • 06/24/2019
    • 8:30 AM
    • 06/27/2019
    • 4:30 PM
    • Pasadena, CA

    This unique assessment-based program has expert facilitators working closely with you to help you master all aspects of training delivery. With this program, you’ll identify areas where you excel, and where you have opportunities for growth. You’ll benefit from collaborative and concrete training, and then be invited to assess your skills and knowledge.

    Proving your ability will earn you the respected title of ATD Master Trainer.  Become part of this exclusive group today.

    Be properly prepared as the role of the trainer evolves and more is demanded of your talent and time. The ATD Master Trainer Program is a unique assessment-based offering that covers the entire process of delivering training, including assessment, preparation, creating a positive learning environment, facilitating learning, and evaluating learning. Grounded in theory and focused on practice and application, this program will develop your professional capacity in this area of expertise.

    In this program, you will:

    1. Engage in an online learning community. 
    2. Participant in a 4-day face-to-face course to develop and demonstrate your mastery of delivering training.
    3. Choose an elective (a second course) to meet a unique learning need and complete your learning experience.

    Program Benefits

    • connection to a cohort of learning professionals
    • a complete learning prioritization inventory tracking your professional growth in delivering training
    • access to the ATD comprehensive guide to delivering training 
    • industry-recognized certificate—ATD Master Trainer™
    • experience with 3-4 practice deliveries
    • a video of your final training delivery with individualized feedback and analysis
    • a robust participant guide, with tools, resources, and templates to use back on the job

    The ATD Master Trainer Program is offered by the ATD Certification Institute.

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    Use ChIP code “CH8028” when you register for this course.

    • 07/09/2019
    • 08/13/2019
    • Virtual

    Are you prepared for the APTD exam? Ensure success with these study tools.

    Gain credibility and recognition from your colleagues by becoming an Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD).

    Course Info

    Accelerate your knowledge of the areas of expertise tested on the Associate Professional in Talent Development certification exam. These comprehensive, instructor-led courses provide in-depth coverage of the content in the three main areas of expertise (AOEs) covered on the APTD certification exam: instructional design, training delivery, and learning technologies. Included is material from the evaluating learning impact and building a global mindset AOEs touched on in the exam. You will receive free access to the ATD Learning System: APTD Edition, as well as an APTD Learner Community for ongoing peer support.


    • Master content related to the AOEs tested on the APTD certification exam.
    • Use certification study tips and strategies to provide additional focus and support during your preparation process.
    • Access the APTD Learning System to review the concepts and methods related to key knowledge tested on the APTD certification exam.

    What Will You Learn

    • Identify the APTD certification timeline and requirements for completion.
    • Define the core concepts for each AOE in the APTD Learning System.
    • Create a personalized study plan by identifying knowledge gaps based on content presented for each AOE.
    • Apply test-taking strategies for the program exam.

    Who Should Attend

    This program is designed for those who have the following qualifications:

    • Talent professionals in the early part of their career or whose professional roles focus on a few areas of expertise (AOEs) as defined by the ATD Competency Model.
    • Three years of relevant work experience in the talent development profession.
    • Have decided that certification aligns with your career goals.
    • Have achieved an ATD Masters Program designation, and would like to focus on gaining more in depth knowledge of other AOEs.

    Roles: APTD, Instructional Designer, Trainer

    Support ATD-LA with your registration.

    Use ChIP code “CH8028” when you register for this course.

    • 07/19/2019
    • 8:30 AM
    • 07/20/2019
    • 5:00 PM
    • Virtual
    • 9

    Become certified to administer the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 (MHS) assessments in a highly interactive and engaging online training format with an EI master trainer and private group of talent development practitioners.

    Benefit From:

    • A "one-time" certification. There is not an annual renewal.
    • Ample opportunity to actively use the EQ-i assessments during the training
    • ​Multiple opportunities for group Q & A
    • Networking with a private gathering of talent development practitioners
    • Sharing and applying talent industry-specific best practices

    Investment Includes:

      • Emotional Intelligence Instruction by a MHS Master Training Partner – Ed Hennessy
      • Your own Emotional Quotient Assessment (EQ-i 2.0 Workplace Report) taken online followed by a private 2-hour online feedback session & training prior to the workshop administered online    
      • Virtual Classroom for pre-work – 3 eLearning Modules and online exam 
      • Bonus “Reports” eLearning module on the NEW Leadership Report   
      • A copy of THE EQ EDGE book, by Steven Stein and Howard Book
      • Participant Guide & Sample Reports for online training
      • Once Certified, access to 1 FREE EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 assessment
      • User’s Handbook: A detailed technical manual (online version within portal) about the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360
      • FREE Online Account (Portal) to administer and score assessments (
      • FREE Virtual Refresher Classes with Leadership Call
      • ICF:  17.5 hrs. CCE Credit (10.5 Core Comp & 7 Resource Development) International Coaching Federation
      • APA:  14.5 CE Credits from the American Psychological Association 
      • SHRM 19.5 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP or SHRM SCP
      • APTD and CPLP 16.25 recertification points from the ATD Certification Institute
      • A Certificate authorizing your eligibility to purchase and administer the EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 - Successful participants are certified by Multi-Health Systems (MHS)


      • Early Bird rate ends June 6, 2019
      • Late Registration ends June 20, 2019
      • Event Registration Limit: 10 Attendees
      • There are no substitutions for enrolled participants.

      Technical Requirements

      • The online training will be hosted using ZOOM Conferencing system and instructions to log into the sessions will be emailed by Ed Hennessy (Master Trainer) to you 15 minutes prior to your private Feedback Session and prior to the online 2-day class.
      • A PC or Mac is required by all participants throughout training.
      • We recommend a screen of 12” or larger during training.
      • Participants are responsible for any long distance phone charges incurred if dialing by phone into the training. 
      • Participants must use their own computers (not shared computer during training).
      • A headset or ear buds with microphone connected to your computer is required.
      • Due to government firewall and software download restrictions, participants who work for the government should expect to attend the online training from their home and not through a government server.

      The following must be completed prior to the workshop:

      1. Online EQ-i 2.0 Assessment & 2 Hour Online Feedback Session & Training
      2. Reading of THE EQ EDGE book.
      3. Virtual Classroom eLearning modules. Your online virtual classroom will be available approximately 4 weeks out from your workshop date.

      Certification Exam

      Certification requires the completion of an online exam taken after the workshop through MHS (Multi-Health Systems) with a score of 70% or higher. Each participant should complete their exam within two weeks of the last day of the certification training workshop. Those who do not pass the exam will be provided complimentary additional training and their exam will be reset. 

      All participants must complete the online assessment at least 2 weeks (10 business days) prior to the workshop. Private two (2) hour online feedback sessions will be arranged for each participant and a consent form must be signed by each participant prior to the feedback session to allow Trainer to review and discuss personal EQ-i 2.0 Workplace Reports.

      Cancellation / Refund Policy

      If, for any reason, participants must cancel their training, the participant must provide written notification at least thirty (30) days or more prior to their scheduled training workshop. At that time, all fees will be transferred to your rescheduled date. No refund will be given for cancellations received less than thirty (30) days prior to training. If you request to reschedule within the 4 weeks, your name will be placed on a wait list for a future workshop. If cancellation is requested and the 2 Hour Online EQ-i Feedback Session & Training has taken place, and additional $500 trainer time fee will be added to the total administrative/processing fees.                    

      Participants cannot be swapped out or exchanged once registered. Participants must attend two consecutive dates of online certification training (no absences are allowed). If cancellation is requested thirty (30) days or more out from their workshop, the participant has the option to select another online training class. If the participant who cancels thirty (30) days or more from the online training class, and does not reschedule to a confirmed online training class within two weeks of cancellation, then some nonrefundable fees may apply: If the participant has received or completed their: 2 Hour Online EQ-i Feedback Session & Training, a $635 fee will be retained. If the participant has been shipped their Training Materials: 2” Binder with Sample Reports and additional flyers/materials, Spiral Bound Participant Guide, The EQ EDGE book, an additional $640 fee will be retained unless the training materials are returned within a two week period of the cancellation.

      Training provided by: 

    Past events

    02/20/2019 ATD Instructional Design Certificate
    08/22/2018 Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification
    08/22/2018 DISC in the Workplace (Public Workshop)
    07/26/2018 Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) 2.0 & 360 Virtual Certification Workshop
    12/11/2017 ATD Change Management Certificate
    12/04/2017 ATD E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate
    12/04/2017 Employee Learning Week
    11/16/2017 ATD Consulting Skills Certificate
    11/14/2017 ATD Articulate Storyline Certificate
    11/04/2017 November Chapter Meeting: Member Appreciation Workshop
    09/14/2017 ATD Blended Learning Certificate
    09/13/2017 ATD Training Certificate
    08/23/2017 DISC Certification Train the Trainer
    08/23/2017 DISC in the Workplace (Public Workshop)
    08/11/2017 Advanced Presentation Skills
    08/08/2017 ATD Expert Coach™ Program
    07/19/2017 ATD Designing Learning Certificate
    06/29/2017 ATD E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate
    06/27/2017 Sententia Level 1 Gamification Certification
    06/14/2017 ATD Master Instructional Designer™ Program
    06/07/2017 ATD Training Certificate
    03/31/2017 Train-the-Trainer: Designing Training
    03/08/2017 ATD Designing Learning Certificate
    03/02/2017 ATD Change Management Certificate
    02/24/2017 Train-the-Trainer: Delivering Training
    02/21/2017 ATD Master Trainer™ Program
    02/15/2017 ATD Training Certificate
    01/31/2017 ATD Master Performance Consultant™ Program
    12/15/2016 ATD Articulate Storyline Certificate
    12/13/2016 ATD Expert Coach™ Program
    12/05/2016 Employee Learning Week
    11/30/2016 ATD Designing Learning Certificate
    11/17/2016 November Chapter Meeting:Building a Culture of Trust
    10/26/2016 ATD Training Certificate
    08/25/2016 Talent Development Conference 2016
    08/23/2016 DISC Certification Train the Trainer
    08/23/2016 DISC in the Workplace (Public Workshop)
    03/24/2016 Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 & EQ 360 Certification
    03/19/2016 1/2-day Workshop: Managing Use of Self for Professional Practice
    01/18/2016 ATD National: ATD Master Instructional Designer™ Program
    12/07/2015 Employee Learning Week
    11/07/2015 Volunteer & Board Strategy Meeting
    11/07/2015 Leadership Involvement Day
    10/10/2015 Speed Mentoring
    09/24/2015 DISC Certification – Train the Trainer
    08/29/2015 Developing Personal Resilience, Sponsored by Lee Hecht Harrison
    06/19/2015 ATD-LA Conference ~ L.A. LearnTech 2015
    04/18/2015 CPLP Study Group Series: AOE 1 Performance Improvement
    04/17/2015 Advanced Presentation Skills
    03/21/2015 Workshop:Talent Development Leaders Roundtable ~ ATD State of the Industry Report
    02/28/2015 Workshop: Career Strategies for Talent Development Professionals
    11/08/2014 ASTD-LA's 2014 Leadership Involvement Day
    10/24/2014 1/2 Day Workshop: Competency Games
    09/19/2014 Workshop: Facilitating Virtual Collaboration: How to Engage Others in Meetings and Classrooms
    08/22/2014 Workshop: So No One Told You You’re A Marketeer?
    07/24/2014 Workshop ~ Project Paramedic: Tools and Resources to Resuscitate your Projects
    05/16/2014 Workshop ~ Training with Improvisation: Gutsy, Fun and Transformational
    04/17/2014 Workshop ~ Adobe Captivate 7
    03/14/2014 Advanced Presentation Skills ~ Waitlist
    03/14/2014 Advanced Presentation Skills
    01/24/2014 Workshop: Competency Games
    11/09/2013 ASTD-LA's 2013 Leadership Involvement Day
    10/25/2013 Advanced Presentation Skills
    06/01/2013 Workshop: Creating Training Videos Guerilla Style
    05/10/2013 Advanced Presentation Skills
    04/26/2013 Special Division: Technical Training: SIMULCAST - Workshop: Basics of Creating a Captivate Simulation
    04/26/2013 Workshop: Basics of Creating a Captivate Simulation
    03/09/2013 Workshop: PowerPoint® Design Lab
    02/23/2013 Train-the-Trainer Series ~ 5 Saturdays
    01/18/2013 Workshop: Instructional Design for Elearning

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