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Webinar Calendar

Programs are conducted in the WebEx Training Center or GoTo Meeting platforms with a toll-free teleconference or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) option for the audio component. Special software is not required.  You only need a standard web browser and telephone or VoIP capability to participate.

Upcoming events

    • 05/17/2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Access information will arrive in your confirmation email after registration.

    Feedback is the breakfast of champions. So why would most of us rather go hungry?

    Leadership egos can be fragile. Asking for honest feedback feels difficult, because we are fearful of what we might hear. Giving honest feedback is equally hard: many of us have been socialized to avoid conflict, and that impulse hampers our ability to offer direct feedback. Yet without that honest feedback, how can we know how to grow as individuals? How can we help others – our direct reports and employees - grow?

    Learn to defeat defensiveness and inspire a better future through Appreciative Feedback

    Built on the Appreciative Inquiry methodology, Appreciative Feedback gives leaders and managers a strengths-based, positive approach to addressing real challenges with the performance of team members. 

    Learning Objective:

    • Explore positive and effective alternatives to problem-based approaches to leadership development.
    • Learn the Appreciative Feedback process of Find It, Flip It, Elevate It – to defeat defensiveness and inspire action. 
    • Rethink your weekly check-in with direct reports or teams, to create a more engaging and energizing process. 
    • Develop a bank of questions that provide direction while motivating and empowering your team to get the results you need.

    Do you ever wonder why your feedback isn’t heard? This workshop is designed for executives and professionals who want effective, energized individuals and teams; consultants and developing leaders will also find the methodology useful, as they expand their leadership capacity and toolkit. 

    • Develop a bank of questions for use in sharing Appreciative Feedback.
    • Create a new feedback strategy for meeting 1:1 with your team members. 
    Target Audience:
    • Executives 
    • Consultants 
    • Managers
    Be Ready: Come prepared to ask questions and engage with the speakers. 

    About the presenters:

    Jim Ludema, Ph.D., is the founder and director of Benedictine University’s Center for Values-Driven Leadership, and a professor of global leadership. One of the world’s foremost authorities on Appreciative Inquiry, a strengths-based approach to leadership development and organizational change, Jim is also a co-author of “The Appreciative Inquiry Summit.” 

    Amber Johnson is the Center’s Chief Communications Officer and a 
    senior research associate. Together, Jim and Amber are the co-authors of three e-books and have consulted on appreciative leadership approaches in North and Central America, Europe and Africa. 


    Time: 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (Enjoy a virtual lunch with like-minded professionals.)

    Location: Your computer. Choose any computer with a strong internet connection, and audio.  


    • Members: FREE
    • Non-Members: $25     


    Once you register thru this system, you will receive a confirmation email that gives you further instructions and another link to complete your registration with the webinar host. If you cannot attend the webinar live, but would like to have access to the recording, be sure to complete this step.

    If you do not receive any registration confirmation email immediately after you register, please contact us. 


Past events

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10/12/2016 Webinar: ATD-LA New Member Orientation
08/17/2016 Webinar: Ontology as an Art of Being: Unleashing Talent, Purpose and Motivation
07/16/2016 Webinar: ATD-LA New Member Orientation
07/12/2016 ATD National Online: Essentials of Adobe Presenter
07/06/2016 ATD National Online: Accelerated Learning Certificate
06/23/2016 ATD National Online, Adobe Captivate Certificate
06/15/2016 Webinar: What Sets You Apart?: Articulating Your Value in the Workplace
05/18/2016 Webinar: Ten Lessons Learned Starting, Sustaining and Growing a Business
05/16/2016 ATD-ICE Webinar: Adaptive Learning: Unleashing the Holy Grail of Deep Learning Measurement
05/07/2016 SIG Organizational Development: Leveraging Technology to Transform Individuals & Organizations
04/20/2016 ATD National Online: Essentials of Adobe Presenter
04/19/2016 Webinar: Power-up Your SME Interviewer Skills
03/30/2016 SIG Organizational Development: Developing Effective Leaders: What Works? What's New?
03/23/2016 VIRTUAL: Peter Block Explains Why Many Change Efforts Fail
03/08/2016 ATD National, Change Management Certificate
02/12/2016 ATD National Online, Consulting Skills Certificate
02/09/2016 Webinar: Thinking Outside the Virtual Training Box
12/17/2015 The Neuroscience of Leadership
12/16/2015 Virtual Effectiveness
12/09/2015 Succession Planning
10/22/2015 Webinar: Cross-Generational Mentoring: How Social and Informal Learning Can Create Win-Win Mentoring Opportunities
08/22/2015 CPLP Study Group: Final Prep and wrap up
08/22/2015 CPLP Study Group: The Work Product
08/15/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 10 Change Management
08/15/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 9 Knowledge Management
07/18/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 8 Coaching
07/18/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 7 Integrated Talent Management
06/20/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 6 Managing Learning
06/20/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 5 Evaluating Learning
05/16/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 4 Learning Technologies
05/16/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 3 Training Delivery
04/18/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 2 Instructional Design
04/18/2015 CPLP Study Group Series: AOE 1 Performance Improvement
03/28/2015 Webinar: ATD-LA New Member Orientation
03/17/2015 Webinar: CPLP Program & ATD-LA Study Group Overview
01/27/2015 Webinar: So No One Told You You’re A Marketeer?
12/17/2014 Webinar: Selecting Your Ideal Learning Management System
11/06/2014 Webinar: Does your thinking limit your success? Of course it does!
10/07/2014 Webinar: Leadership Through Storytelling
07/22/2014 Webinar: Develop an Effective Mentoring Program
06/24/2014 Webinar ~ Bring Your Mojo to the Virtual Classroom
05/29/2014 Webinar: Boost Your Credibility with the CPLP® Certification
04/10/2014 Webinar: How to Have a Fierce and Difficult Conversation
02/25/2014 Webinar: The Magic of Strengths-based Training: Helping Your Clients Unleash Creativity & Innovation
12/17/2013 Webinar: Using the Purpose Quadrant to Create Meaning and Money
11/12/2013 Webinar: Increasing Positive Influence with Emotional Intelligence
10/22/2013 Webinar: Observe - Connect - Influence: Bringing the "Dark Arts" of Influence into the Light
08/27/2013 Webinar: Thiagi and Tracy’s Favorite Jolts for Webinars
05/28/2013 Webinar: Coaching, Developing and Training at the Team Level
04/26/2013 Special Division: Technical Training: SIMULCAST - Workshop: Basics of Creating a Captivate Simulation
04/23/2013 Webinar: Training Om: Mindfulness at Work
03/26/2013 Webinar: Creating Influence and Authority Using Social Media
02/26/2013 Webinar: Using Championship Memory Techniques to Make Learning Stick
01/22/2013 Webinar: Visual Language ~ Your Brain on Graphics
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