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Programs are conducted in the WebEx Training Center or GoTo Meeting platforms with a toll-free teleconference or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) option for the audio component. Special software is not required.  You only need a standard web browser and telephone or VoIP capability to participate.

Upcoming events

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Past events

08/27/2018 New ATD-LA Member Orientation - Webinar
03/08/2018 Webinar <<Rescheduled>>: Creative Narrative and Story Telling in eLearning
01/12/2018 Webinar: Trends in Virtual Training: Are You Ready?
12/13/2017 Webinar: Mobile Training
10/31/2017 Webinar: Wholeness - The Alternative to Stress, Burnout, Silos and Disengagement.
10/18/2017 New ATD-LA Member Orientation - Webinar
08/17/2017 Webinar: Millennial Training Done Right
06/07/2017 Webinar - Gamification for Talent Development: Deconstructing the Psychology of Games to Entice, Engage, and Encourage Learners
05/17/2017 Webinar - Reframing Feedback to Get the Results You Need
04/26/2017 SIG Organizational Development: Appreciative Leadership in Healthcare: How We Made a Sustainable Difference
04/19/2017 Webinar - The One Page Resume is Here to Stay!
04/12/2017 Webinar: ATD-LA New Member Orientation
03/23/2017 SIG Organizational Development: Coaching - Is it Still the Wild West?
03/15/2017 Webinar - Using Systems Thinking in Social Impact
02/15/2017 Webinar - Titles Aren’t Everything
11/10/2016 ATD Online: Essentials of Adobe Presenter
10/27/2016 SIG Organizational Development: Ergonomics and Organizational Change: Why It’s OD’s Next Hot Trend
10/26/2016 Webinar: Increasing Social Impact Within Your Sphere of Influence
10/12/2016 Webinar: ATD-LA New Member Orientation
08/17/2016 Webinar: Ontology as an Art of Being: Unleashing Talent, Purpose and Motivation
07/16/2016 Webinar: ATD-LA New Member Orientation
07/12/2016 ATD National Online: Essentials of Adobe Presenter
07/06/2016 ATD National Online: Accelerated Learning Certificate
06/23/2016 ATD National Online, Adobe Captivate Certificate
06/15/2016 Webinar: What Sets You Apart?: Articulating Your Value in the Workplace
05/18/2016 Webinar: Ten Lessons Learned Starting, Sustaining and Growing a Business
05/16/2016 ATD-ICE Webinar: Adaptive Learning: Unleashing the Holy Grail of Deep Learning Measurement
05/07/2016 SIG Organizational Development: Leveraging Technology to Transform Individuals & Organizations
04/20/2016 ATD National Online: Essentials of Adobe Presenter
04/19/2016 Webinar: Power-up Your SME Interviewer Skills
03/30/2016 SIG Organizational Development: Developing Effective Leaders: What Works? What's New?
03/23/2016 VIRTUAL: Peter Block Explains Why Many Change Efforts Fail
03/08/2016 ATD National, Change Management Certificate
02/12/2016 ATD National Online, Consulting Skills Certificate
02/09/2016 Webinar: Thinking Outside the Virtual Training Box
12/17/2015 The Neuroscience of Leadership
12/16/2015 Virtual Effectiveness
12/09/2015 Succession Planning
10/22/2015 Webinar: Cross-Generational Mentoring: How Social and Informal Learning Can Create Win-Win Mentoring Opportunities
08/22/2015 CPLP Study Group: Final Prep and wrap up
08/22/2015 CPLP Study Group: The Work Product
08/15/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 10 Change Management
08/15/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 9 Knowledge Management
07/18/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 8 Coaching
07/18/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 7 Integrated Talent Management
06/20/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 6 Managing Learning
06/20/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 5 Evaluating Learning
05/16/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 4 Learning Technologies
05/16/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 3 Training Delivery
04/18/2015 CPLP Study Group: AOE 2 Instructional Design
04/18/2015 CPLP Study Group Series: AOE 1 Performance Improvement
03/28/2015 Webinar: ATD-LA New Member Orientation
03/17/2015 Webinar: CPLP Program & ATD-LA Study Group Overview
01/27/2015 Webinar: So No One Told You You’re A Marketeer?
12/17/2014 Webinar: Selecting Your Ideal Learning Management System
11/06/2014 Webinar: Does your thinking limit your success? Of course it does!
10/07/2014 Webinar: Leadership Through Storytelling
07/22/2014 Webinar: Develop an Effective Mentoring Program
06/24/2014 Webinar ~ Bring Your Mojo to the Virtual Classroom
05/29/2014 Webinar: Boost Your Credibility with the CPLP® Certification
04/10/2014 Webinar: How to Have a Fierce and Difficult Conversation
02/25/2014 Webinar: The Magic of Strengths-based Training: Helping Your Clients Unleash Creativity & Innovation
12/17/2013 Webinar: Using the Purpose Quadrant to Create Meaning and Money
11/12/2013 Webinar: Increasing Positive Influence with Emotional Intelligence
10/22/2013 Webinar: Observe - Connect - Influence: Bringing the "Dark Arts" of Influence into the Light
08/27/2013 Webinar: Thiagi and Tracy’s Favorite Jolts for Webinars
05/28/2013 Webinar: Coaching, Developing and Training at the Team Level
04/26/2013 Special Division: Technical Training: SIMULCAST - Workshop: Basics of Creating a Captivate Simulation
04/23/2013 Webinar: Training Om: Mindfulness at Work
03/26/2013 Webinar: Creating Influence and Authority Using Social Media
02/26/2013 Webinar: Using Championship Memory Techniques to Make Learning Stick
01/22/2013 Webinar: Visual Language ~ Your Brain on Graphics

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