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Sharing Our Success (2016)

September 19, 2016 – The Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), formerly ASTD, was recognized for its submission to the ATD “Sharing Our Success” (SOS) program. The national SOS program identifies best practices among local ATD chapters and uses them as models for other chapters.

Jeffrey Gehris, Chair of ATD’s Chapter Recognition Committee said, "This recognition honors the Los Angeles Chapter’s best practice that demonstrates its commitment to managing a successful organization as well as advancing the talent development profession at the local level. We are excited to honor the chapter with ATD's SOS recognition."

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  • Read about this project in the August '16 edition of Leader Connection Newsletter: Click Here
  • See ATD-Los Angeles recognized at the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC) in Washington, DC: Event Details

CARE Award: Formerly known as the CORE award. ATD-LA achieved or exceed the joint membership, communication and marketing requirements established by ATD. ATD recognized the chapter's successful promotional activities and higher joint membership achievement


Letter from ATD 2017

Excellence in Joint Membership Award:

Based on the reported joint membership percentage, ATD-LA is recognized as a Chapter Membership STAR with joint membership between 40-45 percent.

ATD-LA had the greatest increase in number of joint members from 2014 to 2015. Among ATD’s medium chapters (those with 100-349 members), the Los Angeles Chapter was recognized for its growth rate. Pictured: Janie Honeycutt, Director Special Interest Groups, Gina Urgena, Senior Director, Chapter Services and Customer Care.

Milestone Anniversary: Seven decades. The world is a vastly different place today than it was when the chapter was originated. As ATD celebrates 70 years of serving the training and development profession we note that despite many important developments that have occurred in the world our members have always been our top focus.  

Chapter of the Month Award: The Chapter of the Month program highlights a chapter each month that deserves special recognition. Recipients must have had a Sharing Our Success (SOS) submission accepted, be 100% CARE achieved, innovative, and have not been featured as Chapter of the Month within the past 18 months.

Sharing our Success (2013): Next Level Tool to Set Goals. After operating for years with an informal infrastructure, the Los Angeles Chapter desired to function more like a business and build a solid foundation that would last for future leaders. To assist with strategic planning and 2013 goal setting, the chapter relied on the Next Level tool to identify the chapter's strengths and weaknesses and focus its efforts for the year. Los Angeles - Next Level Tool Submission Form  

Sharing our Success (2010): Special Divisions Leaders Toolkit. The Los Angeles chapter has had multiple special divisions since 2005. Each special division has a leader and there is a board position specifically to support all of the special divisions. With this many players, a toolkit was created to make the ongoing administration as simple as possible for special division leaders. Los Angeles - SOS Submission Form, Los Angeles - Special Divisions Leaders Toolkit

Sharing our Success (2003): Special Interest Groups and Special Divisions. Los Angeles Special Interest Groups [SIGs] and Special Divisions (SDs) were created by the chapter to address a growing demand by their membership to better address their diverse needs. Los Angeles - SOS Submission Form Los Angeles - SIGS Article Los Angeles - SIGS Group Coordinator Los Angeles - SIGS Special Divisions Marketing Los Angeles - SIGS Ground Rules

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